Ellwanger Maples Leaves Origin Story

When my wife worked in advertising she once shared a job with someone from a Canadian agency who made fun of Americans for their lazy grammar. The implication: you better bring your “A” game to this project, because we the north do not suffer lazy grammar gladly.

My wife’s response: “What’s the plural of leaf?”

And that’s the origin of my fantasy hockey team’s name: Ellwanger Maple Leaves.

4 thoughts on “Ellwanger Maples Leaves Origin Story

  1. Totally in agreement with proper grammar to demand higher educational standards to pro teams and their fans. As a Jr. Assistant Deputy of the Grammar Police, I would also mandate the following team names: 1) Miami Heats; 2) Utah Jazzes; 3) Orlando Magics ; 4) Oklahoma City Thunders ; 5) Minnesota Wilds ; 6) Tampa Bay Lightnings ; 7) Colorado Avalanches ; and 8) St. Louis Blueses.

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  2. On the Ellwanger name, I live in a section of Rochester sometimes referred to as the Ellwanger-Berry neighborhood, for George Ellwanger and Patrick Berry. You can Google them to learn about their contributions to the area. I picked just the Ellwanger name, because of what it would say to my competition—that I was a nerd, and they could feel safe in letting their guard down. And when they do that, I’ve got ’em!


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