Removal of Republicans from 1/6 Panel Was Inspired by the 9/11 Commission

In removing his five Republican nominees yesterday from the select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy cited as precedent his party’s role in forming the 9/11 Commission.

“A key condition of Republican participation in the 9/11 Commission was that no Al Qaeda representatives be included,” McCarthy said. “Today I’m announcing my like-minded commitment to ensure that no Republicans serve on the 1/6 Panel.” 

One Republican does remain on the committee, however, Representative Liz Cheney, who was appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “With Republicans involved, this is a sham investigation that has lost all legitimacy and credibility,” McCarthy said. “Pelosi’s failed leadership has broken this institution.”

In response, Cheney said yesterday she had every expectation that the commission would operate in a non-partisan manner and be dedicated to holding to account those responsible for the Jan. 6 attack. When asked if she believed McCarthy was qualified to serve as House speaker, she spoke of the qualities required of a speaker and noted that McCarthy doesn’t have them. 

“It must be that time of the month for poor Liz,” McCarthy said when told of her comments. “She’s been a little too emotional ever since we stripped her of her party leadership position.”

P.S.: parts of this are satire. 

Photo at the top of the page: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, right, greets an unnamed supporter.

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